Terry Johnson Appears as Guest on NHPTV Series about Aging in New Hampshire

CONCORD, NH - Terry Johnson, Director of the Healthy Eating Active Living Campaign in New Hampshire (HEAL NH), provides insights on how we can eat healthier and stay physically active as we age. Mr. Johnson is one of two guests in the debut episode of New Hampshire Public Television's (NHPTV) series "Changing Aging in the Granite State."

Mr. Johnson works with organizations throughout the Granite State to support environments that provide residents with equitable access to healthy foods and physical activity.

A recent AARP-NH survey identified four key issues facing aging New Hampshire residents: financial security, health care planning for the long term, consumer and investment fraud, and living well. "Changing Aging in the Granite State," part of the NHPTV "Living Well" program, focuses on these topics with personal stories, expert perspectives, and engaging discussions. This four-part series, hosted by Allison McNair, debuted on December 29, 2011 at 8:00 p.m. and will run through January 2012. Watch the 26 minute program below.

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About HEAL NH: The Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL) NH campaign began in 2008 and is led by the Foundation for Healthy Communities, a non-profit New Hampshire organization focused on improving health and health care through innovative partnerships. HEAL is supported by a collaboration of foundations and state agencies committed to promoting health and wellbeing for all New Hampshire residents. Funding is provided by HNHfoundation, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Foundation, Endowment for Health, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation, NH Charitable Foundation, and NH Department of Health and Human Services. More information about the HEAL NH Campaign can be found at www.healnh.org.

To schedule an interview with Terry Johnson, contact:

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