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Demand for healthier food and beverage options continues to increase.  Restaurants and food retailers can make changes to better serve their customers, attract new business, and support healthier communities



Provide healthy menu choices and substitutions with options for smaller portions

Offer more fruits and vegetables, low fat dairy products and whole grains


  • Restaurants offer healthy foods and beverages by reformulating existing and adding new menu items (e.g., whole grains, fruits and vegetables), offering reasonably sized portions, and making healthier menu items the standard for children
  • Restaurants, especially fast food and chain restaurants, improve access to nutrition content information on menus and menu boards
  • Grocery stores, convenience/corner stores, restaurants, and other public service venues offer and promote fruits, vegetables and healthy foods procured from local farms
  • Farmers' markets offer Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) access for individuals and families enrolled in nutrition assistance programs
  • Grocery stores, convenience/corner stores and restaurants reduce point-of-sale marketing of less healthy foods and beverages

Creating Successful Healthy Restaurant Policies
This publication gives a brief description of the federal, state, and types of local laws that regulate restaurants. It also provides examples of policies that communities may adopt, and suggests recommendations for drafting policies that comply with the regulatory framework.

Nutrition Environments Measures Survey (NEMS)
This website provides a training program on nutrition environment measures for researchers and community advocates and leaders so they can use the tools for research and action in their own communities.

Leadership for Healthy Communities Action Strategies Toolkit
Created to support local and state leaders nationwide in their efforts to promote healthy, active communities and access to affordable healthy foods.

Working with Restaurants: Tips, Examples, Resources & Research
Tips and resources for working with restaurants and other dining out venues to create healthy food environments in states and communities.

Center for Science in the Public Interest, Menu Labeling Resources
This web site offers menu labeling resources including fact sheets, polls and studies.

Enact Strategy: Incentives for Store Owners
A resource for providing training to small store owners to carry healthier food items, such as produce.

Hannaford Guiding Stars Program
This website provides information about Hannaford Supermarket's well known healthy shopping program.

Walmart "Great For You" Program
Helps customers instantly identify food options that are better for them, and will appear on Great Value and Marketside items, as well as fresh and packaged fruits and vegetables.

Fruit & Veggie Recipes
This NH Department of Health and Human Services website provides fruit and vegetable based recipes that can be used in a variety of settings including restaurants and institutional food service programs.

Healthy Corner Stores Network
The Healthy Corner Stores Network supports efforts to increase the availability and sales of healthy, affordable foods through small-scale stores in underserved communities.

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